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Finding Nemo

Today in Reception we were reading the story Finding Nemo when a giant envelope was delivered to our classroom door. We opened it to find a letter inside. The letter was from Nemo’s friend Dory telling us that Nemo had gone missing again and could we help her to find him.  The children were all very excited and came up with lots of ideas of how to help. 

“We can get a boat and look for him.”

“We can put a letter in a bottle and throw it out to sea.”

“We can write a message to tell everyone he’s lost.”

After sharing all our fantastic ideas we decided to make missing posters to put around school.  

Luckily, the next day Nemo was found swimming around in Mr Hickman’s classroom.

Disney Cars

This week our topic has been Disney Cars. We have been doing lots of activities including looking for the missing cars with all our sounds on, parking our cars into the correct number car parking spaces as well as designing and making our own car using junk modelling materials.