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This week we have been reading the book ‘Room on the Broom.’ We were sent a picture from the witch of her favourite broomstick that was broken in two.  The children discussed what would happen if the witch tried to use the broken broomstick.

“She will fall off and hurt herself.”

“The animals will all fall off.”

We talked about what we could do to sort out the problem.

“Fix the broomstick.”

“Buy a new broomstick.”

As it was the witch’s favourite broomstick we decided the best idea would be to fix it.  We gave Miss Husted a list of all the things we would need to fix the broom stick. The next day we set out fixing the witch’s broom. Some of us tried to glue it together, some of us used blu-tac to stick it together, some of us tied it with ribbon and string and some of us used sellotape to attach the two pieces back together. Finally we tested our broomsticks to see which material was the best for fixing the broomstick you flying them around the classroom in all different directions.

We found out that:

* glue did not stick the wood together and it kept falling apart.

*ribbon and string only work well if they are tied really tight

*Selotape was really effective as long as it was wrapped tightly around the wood

*Blu-tac was also effective if pushed tightly around the two pieces of wood.


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