Will it freeze?

As part of our Frozen topic we have been talking about freezing and melting.  Today We recipe iced a challenge from Olaf. He sent us several different items and challenged us to predict if we thought they would change when placed in the freezer. The items he sent were Pepsi, water, brown sugar, jam, a cookie, a marshmallow, bread, sour cream dip and playdough. The children talked about each object thinking about what it feels like, shape etc. We then made and recorded our predictions and placed the objects into the freezer. The next day we collected the objects and looked at each one in turn to see if they had changed. We found out some very interesting things including playdough doesn’t freeze as it can still be squashed in our hand and Pepsi turns into ice and is no longer runny.   

 As a treat Miss Husted and Mrs Clarke had made us some orange ice lollies but we could only eat them if we could describe how they had been made and of course we knew that the cold freezer had turned the orange squash into ice. 


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