Saving the peas from the evil pea!

This week we have been reading the story “Supertato”. Today the evil pea froze his friends in a block of ice and it was our job to free them. We held the ice and decided it was freezing cold and hard.

We had to think of some different ways to free them.

Duggie decided to try and free the peas using a plastic hammer. Phoebe tried to blow them out with a straw. Ella tried to use a stick to scrape them out. Harry tried to scrape them out using a pipe cleaner. Finally Nicole decided to use the hairdryer as it was hot and would make the ice melt. Mrs Blewitt held the hair dryer on the ice and the ice melted quite quickly. We managed to free the peas!!

Forest bonfire

As we have been learning about the celebration of Bonfire night this week, we decided to make a bonfire of our own. We talked about what we needed to make a bonfire.

“Sticks” “Wood” “Twigs”

We then ventured out to the forest where we knew we would find lots of wood there to make our bonfire.  We set about collecting the wood and building up in a huge pile to make our bonfire.

“This is so much fun.”

“We need to pile up the wood into a bonfire shape.”

“I think leaves will work too. They will be good for a bonfire.”


TASC Wheel

This week we have been reading the book ‘Room on the Broom.’ We were sent a picture from the witch of her favourite broomstick that was broken in two.  The children discussed what would happen if the witch tried to use the broken broomstick.

“She will fall off and hurt herself.”

“The animals will all fall off.”

We talked about what we could do to sort out the problem.

“Fix the broomstick.”

“Buy a new broomstick.”

As it was the witch’s favourite broomstick we decided the best idea would be to fix it.  We gave Miss Husted a list of all the things we would need to fix the broom stick. The next day we set out fixing the witch’s broom. Some of us tried to glue it together, some of us used blu-tac to stick it together, some of us tied it with ribbon and string and some of us used sellotape to attach the two pieces back together. Finally we tested our broomsticks to see which material was the best for fixing the broomstick you flying them around the classroom in all different directions.

We found out that:

* glue did not stick the wood together and it kept falling apart.

*ribbon and string only work well if they are tied really tight

*Selotape was really effective as long as it was wrapped tightly around the wood

*Blu-tac was also effective if pushed tightly around the two pieces of wood.


Will it freeze?

As part of our Frozen topic we have been talking about freezing and melting.  Today We recipe iced a challenge from Olaf. He sent us several different items and challenged us to predict if we thought they would change when placed in the freezer. The items he sent were Pepsi, water, brown sugar, jam, a cookie, a marshmallow, bread, sour cream dip and playdough. The children talked about each object thinking about what it feels like, shape etc. We then made and recorded our predictions and placed the objects into the freezer. The next day we collected the objects and looked at each one in turn to see if they had changed. We found out some very interesting things including playdough doesn’t freeze as it can still be squashed in our hand and Pepsi turns into ice and is no longer runny.   

 As a treat Miss Husted and Mrs Clarke had made us some orange ice lollies but we could only eat them if we could describe how they had been made and of course we knew that the cold freezer had turned the orange squash into ice. 


Message from Olaf

Today we had an interesting parcel arrive in our classroom with a sign on saying ‘Open me.’ We talked about what we thought might be inside the parcel.  When we opened it we were shocked to find Olaf inside with a message from us.  We opened up the message and read the letter. Olaf said Elsa was planning to have a grand ball at the palace. She was writing a list of all the party food she would need when a huge snowstorm whirled through the palace and blew her list away. Olaf asked us to help write another list for Elsa before she gets cross and freezes all of Arendelle again. We got to work straight away. 



Today we have been on an Autumn walk around school. We looked for the changes happening in our environment as the season changes.

“The leaves are all falling off the trees.”

“It’s windy today and making me cold.”

“The leaves are all different colours.”

On our return to the classroom we worked together In teams to make our own Autumn collages discussing the changes we had seen. 


Lion art

As we have been learning about the Lion King this week, we decided it would be great fun to make our own lions. Firstly we painted a paper plate yellow and once it had dried we stuck yellow and orange strips of paper around the edge to form the lion’s mane.  We found out that lions have manages to help protect them when they are fighting.  Lastly we drew on our lions face. We are all ‘Roaring’ to go when it comes to learning in RH!


Jumbled up Numbers

Today we arrived at school to find Leo the Lion had been playing with Miss Husted’s number cards and had dropped them all over the floor. We needed to help Miss Husted sort them out and put them back into the right order. 

 Once we had hung all the numbers correctly we made our own number lines cutting and sticking the numbers from smallest to largest. 

 We have taken our number lines home to help us with our counting and number recognition.

Local area walk

Today we went on a short walk around our local area. Before we went Miss Husted asked us to think about all the things we see on our way to school. We talked about some of these different things on our walk including the types of homes, animals, weather and transport. On our return to school we looked at the photographs Miss Husted had taken and talked about our local area Blakenall. We then drew a picture to show what we remembered.